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You will get hooked after the first two pages and won't be able to put it down.   The action is intense and the drama is heartrending.   An innovative use of a timescale combined with well constructed chapters moves the story along at a very quick pace, yet the detail is surprising.   Just when you start thinking you've got it figured out, "whoops, nope, didn't see that coming".   I really enjoyed this one and like all good sci-fi, I'll be thinking about it for quite a while.
By Green Hornet

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The New Covey Award for Most Eye-Catching Cover (August 2009)
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Thrilling New Science Fiction Tells Story of Hybrid Hope

James R. Meadors Jr. Delivers Enthralling, Thought-provoking Novel Full of Sci-fi Thrills

BIRMINGHAM, AL Alien Earth: Hope Cometh (published by AuthorHouse), the new science fiction novel from James R. Meadors Jr., doesn't follow the conventions and cliche of most science fiction novels. There are no flying saucers, green men or attacks in which humanity has one last trick under its sleeve before the alien population takes over. Instead, Meadors arms his aliens with high-tech gadgetry, satellites and devastating evolutionary abilities that leave humanity with no other choice but to surrender to a totalitarian alien regime.

When John and Melissa Winters realize that they are going to have a baby after two years of trying to conceive and two miscarriages, an alien invasion is the last thing on their minds. But as they imagine their future together with their child, the alien Janutians release thousands upon thousands of satellites, called Watchers, which spread across the planet's atmosphere like a transparent web. Firing large radiations of light into Earth's exosphere, the weapon creates an electromagnetic pulse that causes all electrical systems to fail, cars to stall and computer chips to fry. Simultaneously, they also destroy all man-made satellites orbiting Earth, bridges, buildings, military bases and airports, effectively crippling the Earth's communications systems, military and transportation, forcing total surrender.

John and Melissa manage to escape the attack and flee into the safety of their home bordering the mountainous forests of Highland Springs State Park, in hopes of living their life free from alien rule. But fate has other plans. One day, John witnesses a small alien ship being shot down by an American fighter jet. The Janutian aboard the wounded ship makes his way to John and Melissaï¿¿s house, attacking Johnï¿¿s pregnant wife. Melissa comes out alive, but wounded from the alien's bleeding tentacle. This injury would later manifest itself in the abnormalities of her beloved child, Hope.

Growing into a strong young woman, Hope and her family soon realize that the attack on her mother many years ago altered Hopeï¿¿s genetic makeup, bestowing tentacles, super-responsive reflexes and incredible strength upon her. These capabilities are recognized and harnessed by the Underground, a secret military group that has enlisted the sole, sympathetic Janutian to their cause.

With the world imprisoned in a virtual panopticon of alien control, the Earth and its people can only hope that Hope and the Underground can liberate Earth from the Janutians in Alien Earth: Hope Cometh.

James R. Meadors Jr. grew up in Jacksonï¿¿s Gap, Ala., and is a veteran of the U.S. Navy as well as a graduate of Auburn University. He and his wife, Amber, have two children.

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On the back cover

John and Melissa Winters think that learning their baby's sex will be the happiest day of their lives. They are wrong. Instead, they spend it running from an alien race hell-bent on claiming Earth for itself.

With thousands of satellite-like weapons strategically positioned around the planet, the aliens obliterate the world's communication systems, militaries, and transportation systems within minutes. There the satellites remain, monitoring Earth for any signs of human technology that could be used against them.

Earth is plundered for its resources, and man is hunted by a species far more advanced, technologically, with speed and reflexes five times faster than any human and deadly tentacles that extend from their forearms at will. Lacking the means to fight back, man has but one option—run!

John and Melissa journey to their mountain home where they live out each day hoping to see the next. Their plans are tested when an injured alien finds its way into their home and beats Melissa's pregnant body within inches of death.

The human population is dwindling and in time will become extinct. But there are some that refuse to let that happen. Some fight back against an opponent most feel they cannot beat, in a battle they cannot win.

But these freedom fighters have one thing the others do not—They have Hope.